Today we celebrate the official release of our website http://www.tinystarmagazine.com.

With this brand new project we are expanding our focus and bringing in one place all of our different editions and projects.

You will find different sections and activities all weeks. We created a special «Exhibitions» section for on-line displays of our favorite artists latest artworks each 15 days.

Since we have published more than 200 artists since 2016, through Fanzine Estrellita Mía first, and through Tinystar now, there is an «Artists» section where you will be able to find links to many of the artists we already published in both Estrellita Mía and Tinystar.

A section with all the publications we already released through Babylon Ediciones (our publishing house) is ready to display all our different products, both available and out-of-stock, which for us have, by now, an historic potential.

Finally we created a news section with all the information concerning fairs, exhibitons and new projects.


The printer proof is ready to be made

At the same time we are very happy to announce the upcoming release of the TINYSTAR album, a collection of artworks, interviews, manifiestos an article featuring 16 artists from different countries as Ilaria Novelli, Bernardino Costantino, Niccolo Nozza from Italy, from Chile artists Igor Ruz, Limón Camilo, Nicolás de Sarmiento, writer Joyce Barker, and poet Rodrigo Leufuman, Mavado Charon and Nils Bertho from France , as well editor and artist from Japan Yoresucker, Joshua Griffiths from Australia, New Zealand’s Fergus Nm and Swiss painter, Yves Hänggi.

In the upcoming weeks we are going to launch a pre-sale of this limited-edition volume! stay tuned!

visit our Instagram account @tinystarmagazine for more information.



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