BLAST FROM LAST YEAR: TINYSTAR 0 El foro internacional de Estrellita Mía

A year ago we were about to enter in the very strage void of Covid-19 and as the destiny of people health was threatened by the danger of an unknown virus, so was the fate of social contact. We were publishing Estrellita Mía and in fact we had plans to release 3 brand new issues…our whole smester was ready!, but the craziness and the pain stopped us and made us think twice as well to put in perspective what we have been doing until that moment. Then we had the idea of create an on-line magazine for everyone – for free to read through issuu and ready to deliver through email to those wanting to enjoy in the privacy of their respective lockdowns the joyful and groovy art we were proposing. We published three amazing issues and had the chance to start working with amazing artists, publishers, art galleries from around the world and our regular collaborators of course.

The artists featured at this issue number 0 were Andy Spark from Santiago de Chile, Marco Tóxico from Bolivia and Maryline Paradise from Paris, as well interviews with French pop genius journalist Jean Emmanuel Deluxe, Igor Ruz from Santiago in conversation con Adriano queer and a great interview made by Johua M. Griffiths from Australia with artist Toby Zoates for the magazine the Aither.

We also featured a preview of our upcoming publication special: «Mike Kelley (Aproximately)» featuring Catalina Schliebener, Jorge Quien, Limón Camilo, Yoresucke, Ilaria Novelli, Gastón Cespedes and Rodrigo Leufuman.

Tinystar #0 Summary

One of the highlights of this issue was the «Divine» artshow at the E2/Sterput Gallery from Belgium featuring two great favorites of our house: Chilean artist living in New York, Gea* and Northamerican artist living in Berlin, Stu Mead. Thanks to Gea* and with the cool collaboration of Emilie Ouvrand (E2 directress), we were able to publish amazing images of the set up of a now legendary art show.

views of Gea* and Stu Mead artworks displayed at E2/Sterput Gallery.

This year we have new challenges: the Covid-19 measures are still very strict and with new outbursts all around the world we still need to be very careful. We are trusting and deeply trying to expand our vibes to keep the people we love healthy and protected. At the same time we are figuring out the future and keeping in mind all the pendant releases, at the moment, the physical issue of Tinystar is in the making and we hope pretty soon to have it released. This will be a physical printed issue, with more pages thatn ever y and a great size for a best appreciation of your favorite illstrators and artists.

Marco Tóxico
Andy Spark photography
Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
Limón Camilo

Read this whole issue on-line at

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