Tinystar number 2: The Horror Vacui Issue pages part 2

Some weeks ago a brand new issue of Tinystar Magazine was just released. We featured some artwork displaying excess, a complete use of the space inside the canvas or paper and with a strong subjet matter.

New Zealand artist Fergus NM spoke with www.theaither.com director Josh Griffiths about his art and music projects, as well as his background, influences and the some more…

We had the chance to met Italian cartoonist MAT who for this edition display some of his cartoons and characters. MAT’s vision display a strong and critical point of view of society, culture and art world.

Zaida González is a chilean photgrapher creating series of images inspired in pop culture and old folk traditions, each image is carefully produced for the artist. We published some highlights of her series «Recuerdame al morircon mi último latido», inspired in the arcane and pagan tradition of the «Velorio de Angelito».

In this issue we were able to interview french artist Mavado Charon. His characters live in a post-apocalyptic world where sex and violence is the rule. Mavado creates a totally visual plot, where there’s no need for words, still there’s a strong a beautiful poetic in each panel.

To read the whole issue you can visit:


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