A brand new issue of underground’s art favorite magazine. Tinystar Magazine is the international Forum of Estrellita Mía Fanzine from Santiago de Chile. 

Tinystar Magazine Issue number 2: Horror Vacui Edition 2020 Cover art by Yves Hänggi

On this edition we bring THE HORROR VACUI SPECIAL, dedicated to those artists and artworks creating a feeling of saturation and visual excess through its art.

Nils Bertho interview, artwork by Nils Bertho

Featuring: Yves Hänggi from swiss, Mavado CHaron, Nils Bertho form Fance, Fergun NM (a.k.a. FNM) from New Zealand interviewed by Josh M. Griffiths from the Aither Magazine (Australia), Chilean photographer Zaida González, in this issue we feature the Horror Vacui Dossier with highlights of previous Estrellita Mía issues, Mat from Italy and an interview and article by Istambul Erman Akçay with Big Baboli Şarküteri’s Zezeah.

spread of the Horror Vacui dossier featuring highlights of previous Estrellita Mía issues
Horror Vacui issue features V.K.7’s piece, «pop»
Yves Hänggi interview and article on the brand new issue of Tinystar, 2020

VISIT our issuu page to read the whole new edition of Tiny Star Magazine at:


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