The second Summer edition of February, 2017 was released in the middle of fires all over the country, the clouds of ashes were travelling all around the cities and people were asked to stay home. The general vibe of this month was hopeless and the fire-department was in serious problems. Some good art was displayed at our pages anyway, as the cover art inspired by the future we all live now, by Francisco González.

Estrellita Mía #8, Cover by Francisco González

Many different material was submitted by our collaborators, for example a view to the classic pinballs machines by Soledad Russo. Evoking those summer spent in beaches on the fifth region of Chile…

Centerfold was Soledad Russo’s photography

Limón Camilo was by now part of our staff of collaborators and partners in crime. His vision for this summer was the T.V. clown, Pin Pon – very popular back in the 80s -and Francisco Gonzalez, published his version of the T.V. seer, Pedro Engel, quite loved by female audiences…

«Pin Pon el Payasito de la TV.» by Limón Camilo.
Pedro Engel reads your future by Francisco González

Collage art always present at Estrellita Mía. Gracia Castillo and Catalina Varas summer visions.

Two poets were part of this summer issue: Rodrigo Leufuman and Paula Bustos. Ilaria Novelli was part of this volume with one drawing featuring her signature charaters playing with a Krampus doll, Mostacho has his own horny being too. Synchornicity at the sumeer issue!

Ilaria Novelli drawing for the Estrellita Mía issue number 8
Mostacho drawing for the obscure february month of 2017

Samba and Canuta by Cristóbal M was part of this edition too. New York based artist Jessica Pepper was published before and for his edition was back with one of sprit photgraphy series.

Jessica Pepper spirit photography
Acrylic Drawing by Leonardo Casas

This issue line-up was completed with ICONO’s section by Gaz Fel (Gastón Céspedes) featuring Banarama and two pieces by Argentina’s Andrés Gatti.

Francisco Gonzalez drawing

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