January, Summer, 2017: the seventh Estrellita Mía issue was released. The cover was by chilean illustrator Carolina Angulo.

The first tinystar logo displayed on the cover of Estrellita Mía issue number 7, 2017

The summer issue was focused on «covering» with clear references to the body, the morals around the nakedness and the summer, some of the artists we had the chance to start working with Nicole Reiss (Chile) and Simón Maldonado (Chile).

Chilean artist Nicole Reiss pieces explore the female body, desire and everyday ritual by way of the aesthetics of artists references and art history
Simón Maldonado drawing about the super natural original sin outcome was this issue centerfold

Oscura Escencia was another artist that started to publish with Estrelllita Mía, her collage art mixed the pop culture, the cult of women and the skater culturesensibilites of intervention.

Oscura Escencia

Mostacho, Limón Camilo and Francisco González submitted new pieces for this seventh volume also.

Covering and sick love anticipation in drawing by Mostacho
Some girls wander by mistake, Limón Camilo drawing for this Janaury issue
A cruel 2017 summer anticipated by Francisco Gonzalez

For this issue Cristóbal M spoke with tattoo artist Yumbel Góngora. Gato Milenario wrote a piece about his taste and imaginary relation with David Bowie. In another Estrellita Mía synchronicity moment, Gaz Fel’s section ICONOS was about David Bowie too.

Claudio Parentela’s piece for the summer issue of Estrellita Mía

Andrés Gatti from Argentina created another piece for this issue based on Indian Summer.

Drawing by Andrés Gatti

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