ESTRELLITA MIA 6: Exploring the dark side…

The December issue of Estrellita Mía 2016, was the beginning of slight changes inside the format of the fanzine. At the same time we were able to expand some pages and keep working with some of our favorites artists too.

The Santiago based artist Limón Camilo was the creator of this edition cover art, featuring the obscure TV-clown of the 80s chilean tv, «La tía Pucherito» against a background of neon pop explosions. The cover consisted in a sticker glued over a traslucent plastic sheet. The back cover was another sticker with a deformed version of the Tia Pucherito by Carlos Apablaza.

Tia Pucherito by Limón Camilo/Carlos Apablaza

The second layer of cover art was by Los Angeles based artist V.K.7 («Pop») and for the back cover the amazing Warhol homage by New York’s GEA. The classic Campbell’s soup, Marilyn, the flowers and the Angel (a reference to the first period on Andy’s art) and the Brillo boxes but, perhaps, the center of this drawing sis Edie Sedwick, the fantastic and tragic Factory star from the filmmaking era of the white wig genius…

«Coffee POP!» VK7 1996
GEA’s Warhol world illustration

Centerfold was an afternoon landscape xilography by on the Chilean painter Eduardo Berg.

Eduardo Berg landscape for the enterfold of Estrellita Mía number six

For this issue featured the art by some artists working with Estrellita Mía since the first issue and of course, always exceeding in their oewn respective craft: Alvaro Córdova and Francisco González, who this time submitted a brief but powerful one-page comic based on John Carpenter’s «They Live» but with the twist to the chilean reality.

Alvaro Códova and Francisco González pieces for teh Em ISSUE NUMBER 6

Interviews were by Cristóbal M, who spoke with chilean experimental indie combo Columpios Al Suelo. Electrozombies is a doom-metal band with an amazing following in Europe and Leoantdo Casas had the chance to spoke with its Lead guitar and singer Comegato.

Iconos section by Gaz Fel (Gastón Cespedes) was dedicated to Marilyn Manson. Here Gaz Fel tell us about the right to choose the things that you want to walk beside yourself in the life path and the history of his experience listening to the music of MM fuctions a metaphorto describe that teenage angst that many still remember as something siginificant in their lives.

A poem by Analaura Nuñez open up this issue and collage by artist Hector Moreno, appear through this volume pages.

Illustration have a a very significat place at this volume: V.k.7 piece «Who answers the party» shares with the Led Zeppelin cover art rendition by Jorge Quién, the tattoo art influenced drawing by Julio Valdés, a comic by argentinian artist Andrés Gatti and Limón Camilo dark visual tale of murder and solitude.

«Cuando no estás» by Andrés Gatti
«Who Answers The Phone at a Party?», VK7 – 2004
Julio Valdés piece influenced by tattoo art and alchemy drawings
Joege QWuién rendition to Led Zeppelin classic album cover

From issue number 5 we were working with Mostacho and for this sixth publication he submitted a tale in two pages where chilean mithology and satanic revelation take place in a strange place.

Photography is part of this edition through the gaze of mexican Itzel Soto and chileans Soledad Russo and Sergio Cerón.

Soledad Russo photography
One of the Sergio Cerón images of he Santiago nights
Itzel Soto (Mexico)
Estrellita Mía December issue, 2016 was a limited edition zine of 60

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