The Tinystar Magazine Origins Chapter 4: the Estrellita Mía October edition

After the release and cool reception of Estrellita Mía issue number three, there was only one thing in mind: to keep on rockin’on Estrellita Mía issue number 4 was released on October, 2016 and it contained a quite cool line-up.

Estrellita Mía issue number 4 cover. Art by Alvaro Córdova.

In the same «open submission calling» than the previous issues, this ‘zine was totally estructured around the material we received through September and on the first week of October.

Without even knowing each other, the material received from the artists participating in the call for this fourth volume was communicated nobly, building a number full of tension, exploration and sensuality.

The cover art was created by Alvaro Córdova and like all his previous entries displayed its rich iconography, informed by satanic art, contemporary imaginery and the dreamy approach that makes its art so distinct and uncanny.

This fourth issue was the second (and not the last) time we were able to publish the illustration art of italian artist Ilaria Novelli who submitted on her now iconic pieces featuring her distinctive ladies. Martin Villagarcía from Argentina published illustrations taken from Marcel Plá’s «Las Lunas de Urania» and from his own «La gira».

Ilaria Novelli’s black and white version of her smashed-face girls, this time Michael Meyer’s character seems to be guilty of gratuitious violence
Martin Villagarcía cover for his book «La Gira» (2012)

From Canadá, artist Jason Cawood displayed on his collage pieces displaying the male body as an eternal subject of change and contemplation and chilean artist now based in New York, Catalina Schliebener, started contributing with a construction of the «Sassy and Butchy» series as our ‘zine centerfold.

Jason Cawood collage
Catalina Schliebener «Sassy and Butchy» series piece for the Estrellita Mía October centerfold

Collaborators from our first issue are present at this october extravaganza: Carlos Apablaza’s pieces inspired in children fears and nightmares share space with Francisco González rawing about the NO campaign that promises the Chilean people the departure of military’s dictartorship back in 1988. The exhuberant piece by Edwards Estay comments on the brand new citizen tha are changing the way men see the expression of their desire. Cristóbal M talks with video artitst Yohanna Ovalle, also known as Fanteisha about video art, technoogy and the future of electronic communication.

Photography is present through the work of German artist Alexander Binder and chilean Felipe También. Both artists in their own respective style explore the visual appeal of texture and abtraction in photo images.

Alexnder Binder uncanny images through the len of his OLYMPUS
Felipe También phpto construction

The texts at this fourth volume of Estrellita Mía belong to united states «Feast of hate and fear» publisher and writer Adel Souto and «Avenida Cristóbal Colón altura 3.000», a fiction tale by Clem D’Cantel.


The fourth issue is the beggining of the collectors items of Estrellita Mía as we published a collection limited-edition one-color risography by some of the artist appeared in past issues: Carlos Apablaza, Alvaro Córdova, Rachel Harrison, Francisco González, Edwards Estay and Leonardo Casas.

To adquire the risograph limited-edition colecction write to:

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