The Road to TINYSTAR: The Estrellita Mía history part 3

Since Tinystar Magazine is presented as the Estrellita Mía Fanzine International Forum, this series of entries are meant to create a context and to display the old issues and artists that were part of the beginnings of this project.

Estrellita Mía issue number 3 cover art by chilean artist Francisco González

Estrellita Mía issue number three, was called the «All is Flowing issue»and was released on September, 2016. At the South Hemisphere, the month number nine of the year marks the beginning of Spring, this volume was meant to celebrate the coming of warmer weather, and the better general mood implied in living through days with more sunlight and outside life.

One the collaborators since issue number one, Francisco González created the cover art for this edition. A couple is kissing in a park, clearly located in the city, wearinh virtual reality devices, two kites are flying without direction in the background and a dron is killing some human beings, other human beings are absorbed in their own cell phone devices… a very cool byut sad rendition to man’s today reality, where men and women are losing their own freedom, and they live under constant surveillance.

Chilean musician Cristóbal M interviewed composer and singer Diego Adrián and two friends from the Partridge Family Temple, The Partridge in the Tree and Whale Song Partridge, respectively, published short tales. «Metal Guru» by The Partridge in the Tree, tell a history where Ann Sullivan fights to teach little Helen Keller, how to spell the word «WATER». There’s lot of meaning behind this word, since it means «life» and embrace «purpose» and «committed». For those that ever watched the movie about the «Hellen Keller History» will deeply understand the meaning behind these text and for those getting acquaited with it, for sure «Metal Guru» will open a dorr full of deep meanings. On other hand we published the story associated with Estrellita Mía issue number two Paris Hilton cover art, created by Whale Song Partridge, «Keep a little acre in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come». In this magical tale about fantasy and deams becoming real, little Cindy Brady has the real encounter with shining star dive Paris Hilton to share a lot of wisdom and fun.

Whale Song Partridge piece for his tale of maigc and wisdom

Donald Trump was recently elected USA president and our Mexican friend the Caifán Suavecito, create two bills mixing the face of Benito Juarez and Trump, finding a total uncanny re-semblance between the two.

Mexican artist Caifán Suavecito visual commentary on the obcure bounds between USA and Mexico governments through this limited edition 20 pesos bills

Publishing with us since the first issue, designer Alvaro Cordova, created two collage pieces dedicated to stormy spring mystical moments, Chilean artist Igor Ruz included a new piece and from Italy Fecal Love band’s TISBOR send a flowery piece of human penis drawing.

The line-up included artwork by chilean artists, Ses Paradise, I. Mesa, Felipe Castillo and Catalina Rozas. The chilean cartoonist living in Argentina, Jorge Quién (as in a dr. Seuss plot) was the author of our centerfold with a piece inspired by his dreams.

Jorge Quién comic strip celebrating the All is Flowing future

The number three issue was presented in at Hola/Chao art fair and other venues from the Santiago area, it was a samsh in terms of sales and – until today – one of the most appreciated issues from our first wave of Estrellita Mía volumes.

Felipe Castillo signature character «the osito» featured at the Estrellita Mía issue number 3
Estrellita Mía issue number 3 packaged and ready to flow – 2016

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