TINYSTAR Magazine roots: Revisiting the Estrellita Mía Fanzine history

On August, 2016 the Estrellita Mía fanzine issue number 2 was published. After the success of issue number one, we were just ready to start a new volume.

Paris Hilton in a world of psychedelic Dreams by United States artist Whale Song Partridge was the cover art for Estrellita Mía Fanzine number two.

First thing was to start working with the right person to be the zine designer, Clem D’Cantel, our elusive – and until this date collaborator and partner- was the magical miracle.

In order to get a whole variety of submissions we start a call for art through facebook, instagram and tumblr. Since it was August the month for this brand new edition there were plenty of subjcts to work around, we just have one month to have everything ready. We entitled this issue as the «Pasar agosto issue»- a chilean expression meaning to get through athe month of the year where the weather is quite unstable having dangerous consequences for health -. As result, a couple of weeks after, we have already received a great deal of material.

Estrellita Mía issue number two was a 28-page piece. A mix between the Healter Skelter memory – featuring pieces dedicated to the memory of the late Sharon Tate and some drawings and collages with images of the Manson Family Girls. At the same time we received collages about the floods that happen because the strong rains at the city, cats-related pieces (August is called too the «month of the cats») and some other material related to the ‘zine subject matter.

Our August issue was the starting of many interesting collaborations, more notably Ilaria Novelli (Italy), GEA (Chile/USA), Igor Ruz (Chile), Whale Song Partridge (Chile), V.K.7 (USA), Andrés Gatti (Argentina) and Yemen (Chile).

From the first issue we continued publishing pieces by Rachel Harrison, Francisco González, Alvaro Córdova and Cristóbal M (who interviewed chielan singer, composer and musician, R. (Ruth Barrientos).

Alvaro Córdova’s photography was the centerfold of Estrellita Mía’s August issue.

The issue number two line-up was completed with pieces by Chilean visual artists Matías González, Máximo Caín, Senortiaugarte and Muriel Gallardo issue too. Verena Urrutia and Aurora Muñoz (Chile).

For this August issue Chilean born artist GEA submitted one of her amazing ink drawings featuring some outstanding individuals…
Matías González flooding over the city of Santiago series on the pages of Estrellita Mía.
«Dolls of the Valley» Los Angeles based artist V.K. SEVEN

There are some copies of this issue lef, to obtain your copy write to us at editorestrellitamia@gmail.com

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