Estrellita Mía Fanzine: Tinystar Roots

The infamous Estrellita Mía issue number 1. Cover art by Carlos Apablaza

Before Tinystar there was Estrellita Mía. Before the world it was Santiago de Chile. Before all colour, it was black and white.

The first issue of Estrellita Mías was bon in july, 2006. It was a 28-pages 15 x 20 Bond paper fanzine featuring the work of some of the future – and until this day – regular collaborator of our publishing house, Alvaro Córdova, Rachel Harrison and Carlos Apablaza – who is the creator of the cover art of this issue -, as well at some artists from the Santiago area, Francisco González and Edwards Estay. Since we were looking for a wide range of cultural expressions the first Estrellita Mía featured an interview to a local band, the lesbian punk-rock band the Horregias – interviewed by Cristobal M – , an article – about the obscure murder of Alice Meyer the christmas eve of 1985 – and a Manifesto, at this issue we invited the Argentinian performer, drag-queen and actress of excess, Shirleynator.

Estrellita Mía name came from very obscure sources: first it was the Agentinian soup-opera, «Estrellita Mía» starring the then diva, Andrea del Bocca,and who is the image of the artwork created by Carlos Apablaza as cover art. Another story tells about an article appeared on 1989 on a local newspaper’s friday magazine about David Bowie and entitled, «Estrellita Mía», either reference or motivation for this name, Estrellita Mía uses the conceptual image of the Star, as a celestial body that serves all beings as an inspiration, as the encarnation of fantasy, as man dream of shine in the sky sporting fame and stardom. EVERY MAN AND EVERY WOMAN IS STAR were the words of Aliester Crowley when he visited Hollywood.

Basically we were looking for a dynamic publication with a decent number of pages and high quality black and white graphic artwork, a we succeded.

Thanks to the invitation of Alvaro Córdova, the first Estrellita Mía issue was released at the – now defuncted – Centro Cultural Alameda of Santiago de Chile, a place that was the epicenter of the underground escene of the city and was estrategically located near the Plaza Italia at the center of the city, a place where people from all sections of Santiago converged each day.

Until this day we published over 30 different Estrellita Mía fanzine issues and we have featured over 20o artists not only from the Santiago de CHile area but from other places of the world. We wish to keep the work and publish many more material and look forward to meet new artists.

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Trash culture is everywhere, some figures from the darkest moments of CHile political/cultural process (1973-1988) still around the local media: collage featuring the obscure kitsch tv personality Raquel Argandoña.

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